STORE Education

Creating a skilled workforce for the nascent CCS industry involves not only training those currently in the workforce, but those who are in the workforce pipeline.  Students from pre-university through graduate school need to be introduced to CO2 sequestration science and engineering technology. For pre-university students, our focus is on teacher professional development, particularly for high school teachers, but younger grades as well. At the university level, we plan and implement coursework locally at The University of Texas at Austin, and we also offer workshops at institutions of higher education at various locations for students and faculty. Contact us if you are interested in this workforce pipeline initiative. 

Past STORE Education events

October 1-2 (Fri-Sat), 2010
STORE Outreach and Education: Energy, Climate and Water in the 21st Century

An Open House on critical issues surrounding energy, water and climate at Ursuline Academy, Dallas, TX. Read about the events.

Ursuline Academy, High School female students and teachers, Friday, Oct 1, 8:30-4:00pm.

Middle School girls and their mentors, Saturday, Oct 2, 9:00am-noon.

Teacher professional development, Saturday, Oct 2, 1:00-5:00pm (3.5 hrs of CEU).

*Find out more about Earth Science Week (October 16-20, 2010) and the 2010 theme "Exploring Energy" at the American Geological Institute's Earth Science Week website.


Course: Advances in CO2 Injection and Storage in Geologic Formations - The University of Texas at Austin

A new cross-disciplinary, project-based course for students covering new technology for greenhouse gas emissions reductions (see for more information on UT’s field research).

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