CPGE Software & Portal Information

Digital Rocks Portal

The Digital Rocks Portal (DRP) repository allows managing, preserving, remote visualization and basic analysis of images of porous materials and experiments performed on them through your web-browser. In addition to images you can store any accompanying measurements (porosity, capillary pressure, permeability, electrical, NMR and elastic properties, etc.) required for both validation on modeling approaches and the upscaling and building of larger reservoir models. Click here for the DRP


UTCHEM, the University of Texas Chemical Compositional Simulator, is a three-dimensional, multiphase, multicomponent, compositional, variable temperature, finite-difference numerical simulator. The UTCHEM code is no longer available for download.


UTWID, the University of Texas Well Injectivity Decline Simulator (copyright owned by The University of Texas at Austin), is a semi-analytical numerical simulator specifically designed for calculating performance of injection wells. Please see the UTWID page for more information.

Other software

Please check back for information on other software packages written by CPGE researchers.