Sanjay Srinivasan Research Projects

Improved Performance and Prediction For In Situ Combustion

Sanjay Srinivasan

Public Abstract

This proposal seeks to increase oil recovery by in situ combustion in both heavy-oil and light-oil reservoirs. Currently, in situ combustion is limited to steeply dipping, homogeneous reservoirs. Application is further limited by the lack of a reliable model for the process that can be used in process design. The proposed research will investigate the application of foam to prevent gas channeling and thereby extend in situ combustion to a wider class of reservoirs.

Optimum Control of Unwanted Fluid Production in Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Quoc P. Nguyen, Sanjay Srinivasan

The overall objective of this ongoing project is to minimize production of unwanted fluids such as conning water and channeling gas. Advances in intelligent well technology and simulation of reservoir-production system enable optimum inflow allocation of produced fluids through controlling flow trajectories in reservoirs.