Natural Gas Engineering

Mukul M. Sharma ( is the Program Manager of the Natural Gas Engineering research program.

Natural gas represents a fossil energy source of growing importance over the coming decades. Reseach is currently being conducted in these main areas: gas condensate reservoirs, tight gas sands, and naturally fractured reservoirs.

Research Projects

Quoc P. Nguyen

Nitrogen and CO2 ECBM appears to be among significant recent developments in enhanced hydrocarbon recovery. However, this technology is still under development due to major challenges faced at both field and laboratory levels.

Project Information

RPSEA Project No. 07122-38-UT-Mohanty
Project Title: Improvement of Fracturing for Gas Shales
Starting Date: April 29, 2009
OSP No. 200900227-004
PI: Kishore K. Mohanty (
Co-PI: Dr. Ali Daneshy, Dr. T. J. Pisklak, and Dr. Q. Qu

Quoc P. Nguyen

A novel gas tracer method has been introduced for the first time to visualize the in-situ velocity distribution of a gas mixture.