Reza Ganjdanesh


Research Associate

Office Address: 200 E. Dean Keeton St., Stop C0300, Austin, TX, 78712-1585

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Mobile Phone Number: (512) 423-3781

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My research focuses on modeling and simulation for reservoir engineering problems. Problems I am trying to solve include: phase behavior modeling of complex fluid systems, multiphase fluid flow modeling, automatic history matching, enhanced oil recovery in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, and carbon sequestration.

It is well known that the primary depletion of unconventional reservoirs using intensive hydraulic fracturing and horizontal wellbores produces only a few percentage of the oil in-place. The solution for improving the oil recovery from these tight formations become more crucial as unstimulated formations become scarcer and well spacing become tighter. Cyclic gas injection presumably is the most feasible method to improve the oil recovery from shale oil and condensate reservoirs.

My research goal is to understand the potential of huff-n-puff gas injection for improved oil recovery from shale wells. To meet this goal, highly detailed compositional fluid and reservoir models is needed. Also, the key factor to success of any huff-n-puff project is gas containment and pressure buildup. I apply fracture diagnosis techniques to model the fracture interference between parent and child wells using a multi-well modeling approach. I implement the machine learning techniques to optimize the operational constraints for huff-n-puff pilot test projects.


Project A: Lead the team efforts on consulting companies for challenging onshore shale oil/gas fields in North America with applied an innovative approaches (combination of historical data and machine learning algorithms) to forecast the production and optimize the future design

Project B: Lead a team of engineers to develop the newest reservoir modeling and simulation tools for shale oil/gas reservoirs

Project C: Conduct the optimization project of huff-n-puff enhanced oil recovery operations in Eagle Ford, Permian, and Utah Basins