CPGE Publications

DOE Reports

  • Origin of Scale-Dependent Dispersivity and its Implications for Miscible Gas Flooding
    (DOE contract number: DE-FC26-04NT15534)


  • Modeling Wettability Alteration using Chemical EOR Processes in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
    (DOE contract number: DE-FC26-04NT15529)




  • A Comprehensive Statistically-Based Method to Interpret Real-Time Flowing Measurements
    (DOE contract number: DE-FC26-03NT15402)


  • Interwell Connectivity and Diagnosis Using Correlation of Production and Injection Rate Data in Hydrocarbon Production
    (DOE contract number: DE-FC26-03NT15397)



  • Advanced Technology for Predicting the Fluid Flow Attributes of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs form Quantitative Geologic Data and Modeling
    (DOE contract number: DE-FC26-00BC15308)
    • Principal authors: Jon E. Olson, Larry W. Lake, Steve E. Laubach
    • Final Report, Jan. 2004 (19.6 MB zipped PDF file)


Other publications

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