Dr. Quoc Nguyen Projects

Development of Fracture Fluid Additive That Will Enhance Flowback and Recovery From Gas Shales

David DiCarlo and Quoc P. Nguyen

One of the keys for enhancing recovery from gas shales is to maximize the flowback of the fracturing fluid.

We propose to develop a surfactant as an additive that can be applied to either water based or CO2 foam fracturing fluids. This additive will act to lower the interfacial tension (IFT) between brine and the gas in place. This will decrease the capillary forces binding the water to the shale, and will increase the water flowback for enhanced gas and condensate recovery.

Improved SAGD Process

Quoc P. Nguyen

The current state of the art in steam flooding, SAGD, and cyclic steam stimulation suffers from inherent geological heterogeneity and poor solvent mass transfer, frequently leading to high operating costs and poor sweep efficiency.

Mobility Control with Cross Flow Effect

Quoc P. Nguyen

This project is aimed at insuring better control of gas mobility during gas or gas-water injection in stratified reservoirs with high permeability contrast.

Alkali-Surfactant-Gas Injection as a Novel Enhanced Oil Recovery Technique

Quoc P. Nguyen, Gary A. Pope

Conventional Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) flooding is an attractive enhanced oil recovery method. However, a significant fraction of reservoirs, such as naturally fractured carbonates with low matrix permeability, are not suitable candidates for the use of polymers.

Improved Matrix Stimulation

Quoc P. Nguyen

Matrix acidizing is the most prevalent technique used in modern formation stimulations. Several issues exist that might reduce the incentive to optimize matrix treatment technology.

Of note:

Fluid Blockage and Diversion

Quoc P. Nguyen

Fluid blocking and/or diversion techniques have been found essential in most of the near-well bore treatments, such as acid diversion, water conning (high WOR), gas cusping (high GOR), and hydraulic fracturing.