Chun Huh Research Projects

Determination of Oil Saturation in Reservoir Rock Using Paramagnetic Nanoparticles and Magnetic Field

Chun Huh, Steven L. Bryant, Keith P. Johnston (ChE), Thomas E. Milner (BME)

Funding source: Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC)

Funding amount: $200k per year

Accurate, non-invasive determination of oil saturation distribution in laboratory cores, near-wellbore zones, and deep in the reservoir, will greatly improve understanding of oil displacement mechanisms for various EOR processes, and also help identify the location of bypassed oils so that they can be subsequently recovered.

pH Sensitive Polymers for Improving Reservoir Sweep and Conformance Control in Chemical Flooding

Mukul M. Sharma, Steven L. Bryant, Chun Huh

Funding amount: $790,000 for the period of Oct. 2004 - Sep. 2007

This research will develop better ways to use polymers to enhance the oil recovery from depleted oil reservoirs and provide inexpensive oil from existing domestic oil reservoirs that might otherwise be uneconomic to produce and subject to abandonment.

Polymer Injectivity for a Horizontal Well with Coupled Formation-Wellbore Hydraulics

Matt Balhoff, Mojdeh Delshad, Chun Huh

Polymers are often injected into horizontal wells during EOR processes. During injection of these high-viscosity, non-Newtonian polymers, a significant pressure drop may occur along the length of the well. Accurate models for pressure drop in the well and polymer leakage into the reservoir are necessary for simulation but presently do not exist.

Use of Engineered Nanoparticle-Stabilized CO2 Foams To Improve Volumetric Sweep of CO2 EOR Processes

PI: Steven L. Bryant; Co-PIs: Chun Huh and Keith P. Johnston (ChE)

Funding source: US Department of Energy (DOE)

Funding amount: $1.2M over a 3-year period

Although enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with CO2 is practiced domestically on large scale, the potential for advancement is enormous. The single greatest obstacle to fully realizing that potential is the inherently poor volumetric sweep efficiency of the process.

White paper on Nano-materials Needs for Oil Industry

Rod Ewing (U. Michigan), Chun Huh

Funding source: Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC)

Funding amount: $60K

The objective of this small project is to carry out a literature survey on nanotechnology to identify potential applications that will benefit upstream oil operations and oil recovery. Published papers and patents on nanotechnology areas such as nano-composites, nano-fluids, nanoparticle-stabilized emulsions/foams, smart coatings, nano-filtration, nano-sensors, and nano-catalysts are being reviewed.