Chiyu Xie




Chiyu Xie

Postdoctoral Fellow

Office Address: CPE 4.182

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Mobile Phone: 737-230-2020




Many subsurface problems involve multiphase flow where one of the phases is a non-Newtonian fluid. My major goal here is to discover multiphase non-Newtonian fluid dynamics by using the techniques of pore-scale modeling and micromodel experiments. I have developed two pore-scale models for multiphase flow (two- and three-phase) of both viscoplastic and viscoelastic fluids. I have made comprehensive comparisons between the shear-thinning and the shear-thickening fluids for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). I am also looking at the mechanisms of viscoelasticity on EOR. These works will help industry to gain better understands towards the roles of non-Newtonian properties in subsurface processes.


  • Multiphase flow of non-Newtonian fluids in porous media
    • Multiphase flow containing non-Newtonian fluids is important in many fields such as the food industry, biological systems, and the recovery of hydrocarbons. It is challenging since the multiphase flow dynamics and the complex rheological properties of the fluids have to be considered simultaneously. For subsurface engineering problems, the interaction between the fluids and the solid porous matrix is also important. This project helps move forward our understandings on this issue by both pore-scale modeling and micromodel experiment.
  • Interfacial dynamics
    • Interfacial phenomena are interesting and involve many fundamental sciences. Understandings of the physics and mechanics at these interfaces can lead to true innovation and game-changing products. This project is trying to discover these fundamental interfacial dynamics, including studies on droplet impact, droplet/bubble generation, droplet evaporation, etc.
  • Lattice Boltzmann algorithm and its applications
    • The lattice Boltzmann (LB) method has become a popular tool for fluid dynamic simulations. It is a mesoscopic method embedding kinetic features. In comparison with the traditional CFD methods, the greatest strength of LBM is the capability of efficiently solving various kinds of transport phenomena in complex geometries. I am working on developing LB models that are able to deal with multiphase flow of non-Newtonian fluids (including both viscoplastic and viscoelastic fluids).
  • Multiscale strategies (molecular pore scale core scale field scale)
    • Subsurface engineering problems cover a wide range of scale from nm to km, including absorption and desorption at the molecular scale, transport at the pore scale, and production at the field scale. The objective of this project is to build multiscale strategies by combining the advantages of different modeling techniques (e.g., molecular dynamics, pore-scale simulation, pore network modeling, and reservoir simulator) at their own scales. These strategies can efficiently solve the problems while still maintain the correct physics.