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Almas Aitkulov

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Viscous to heavy oil resource potential of US approaches 100 billion barrels OOIP. Thermal methods are inefficient when:

  • Close to permafrosts
  • Thin, deep heavy oil reservoirs
  • Off-shore heavy oil reservoirs

Alaskan North Slope alone holds 20-25 billion barrels of viscous and heavy oils that is barely recovered. Non-thermal methods such as polymer flooding has huge potential to unlock those reservoirs. The aim of my work is to simulate polymer flooding in heavy oils using UTCHEM’s viscous fingering method and compare it to conventional simulation methods. Analytical methods are also available for that purpose, but they are considered too simplistic to deal with realistic reservoir conditions.The aim of my work is to show that this is not the case and that simple analytical tools can be accurate and of great help to predict or history match polymer injectivity.

My goal is to design and implementation study of the first-ever field alkali-cosolvent-polymer (ACP) flooding in Alaskan North Slope heavy oils.



Developed analytical tool to forecast injectivity in polymer floods for heavy oils using horizontal wells.