Xuezhen Wang


Xuezhen Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Office Address: CPE, Room 428

Email Address: xuezhenwang@utexas.edu

Mobile Phone Number: 979-422-3502

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wang-xuezhen-72078525/


I am working on applying nanotechnology for better foams in EOR. Nanoparticles associated emulsions/foam flooding are believed to be great complementary to traditional surfactant chemical flooding because of their ability to enhance the emulsion/foam stability. My background is in colloids and interfaces chemistry. I would like to identify the right nanoparticle from the material type, size and surface functionality, and study their synergy with surfactants for stronger foams. Applying nanoparticles with surfactants to fabricate air, nitrogen and miscible gases foam as well as their characterizations and applications will be my research interests.


Project A

Nanoparticle associated strong foam for EOR application

The project here is related to developing nanoparticles that can be used to make strong foams stable at high salinity and with crude oil. These strong foams can be used in fractured reservoirs to improve the sweep efficiency of EOR processes. Air, N2 as well as the miscible gas (ethane/methane) would be the gas phases. Detailed research areas including (1) Designing nanoparticle for strong foams by verifying the size and hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity; (2) Fabricating nanoparticle with great dispersion property in identified surfactant and targeted salinity and temperature conditions; (3) Identifying the foam properties by measuring the pressure drop across the sand pack and designing the core flooding experiments.

Project B

Engineered Water for Improved Oil Recovery from Fractured Reservoirs

This project will try to figure out a formula for low salt low-temperature reservoirs. Detailed research areas including (1) Underlying the low-salinity effect for the water flooding; (2) Identifying right molecule surfactant for wettability alterations.