UTWID: University of Texas Well Injectivity Decline Simulator

General Information

UTWID, the University of Texas Well Injectivity Decline Simulator (copyright owned by The University of Texas at Austin), is a semi-analytical numerical simulator specifically designed for calculating performance of injection wells. It is a PC-based simulator, for use by the petroleum industry, to predict well injectivity and growth of injection induced fractures in injection wells due to the combined influence of changes in reservoir pore pressure, thermal stresses and formation damage due to particle plugging. The injection wells could be vertical or horizontal with completion types such as open-hole, perforated or frac-packed.

Feel free to look over a one-page brochure available for download. It contains a brief overview of the program and contact information for UTWID:

Also, of possible interest: Injection Water Management Opportunites and Challenges (2.4 MB PDF file, SPE Distinguished Lecture Series talk by Mukul M. Sharma).

Acquiring UTWID

UTWID 7.0 is available through The University of Texas at Austin's Office of Technology Commercialization.

The current version of the program has been run extensively on computers running the Windows NT, 2000, and XP operating systems. The UTWID-GUI program will not run on systems running Windows Vista; Microsoft dropped support for the graphics engine (GRID32.OCX) used by the UTWID-GUI program. We use Microsoft Excel (2000 and 2003) to process UTWID output files.

If you would like to get hands-on training on UTWID, please contact Dr. Mukul Sharma (msharma@mail.utexas.edu) to make arrangements for training here on The University of Texas at Austin campus.

For additional information about UTWID, contact Mukul M. Sharma (msharma@mail.utexas.edu).