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Hilary Olson ( is the Program Manager of the STORE program.

The STORE program includes a focus on training workshops and seminars for K-12 teachers. STORE works closely with the Gulf Coast Carbon Center at the Bureau of Economic Geology.


Hilary Olson ( is the Program Manager of the TOPCORP program.

The TOPCORP program provides training courses for professional regulators and policymakers working in the oil and gas arena. The program is a collaboration between three universities with workshops and field experiences held every few months at a variety of locations. An online training component is also part of the program.

Regulator Training

Technology transfer through training is an important aspect of the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering. While faculty and researchers may work directly with groups to provide workshops and short courses, we have several formal programs that bring training to professionals. 

Our Sequestration Training Outreach Research and Education (STORE) Alliance has brought training to professional scientists and engineers, as well as those on the regulatory and policy side. As a partnership with the Gulf Coast Carbon Center, STORE has delivered over 1,200 hours of continuing and professional education in partnership with various organizations, such as Society of Petroleum Engineers, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, Great Plains Institute and Midwestern Governors Association (see photo left with Larry Lake teaching at a workshop for regulators).

Our latest venture is a partnership with Colorado School of Mines and Penn State University to create a training initiative to support the rapidly growing shale natural gas and oil development sector (see map below). The training programs created under the initiative will be led by faculty at each academic institution and are designed to ensure that regulators and policymakers have access to the latest technology and operational expertise to assist in their important oversight of shale development. You can read more about the initiative in an article by the Petroleum Economist from the World Gas Conference 2012. Please see the complete press release (PDF format) for more details.

Shale figure


For more information on any of these programs, contact the Director of Education, Training and Outreach, Dr. Hilary Olson at 512-653-8356 or