Reservoir Simulation Joint Industry Project

Kamy Sepehrnoori, Principal Investigator

Research activities include the development, testing, verification and application of reservoir simulators for oil and gas recovery processes.

The following research topics will be investigated in the project. The first two research topics are further development of an existing compositional chemical flooding simulator and further development of an existing equation-of-state compositional miscible gas flooding simulator.

These simulators have been developed at The University of Texas at Austin to be used as test beds for new process physics, computational algorithms, and physical property models and other scientific purposes.  Both simulators have features that are not available in commercial simulators such as ECLIPSE and VIP. The third topic is development of a new general purpose adaptive simulator (GPAS) designed for use on parallel supercomputers or clusters of PCs. The final topic is the application and benchmarking of parallel codes on clusters of PCs and massively parallel computers.

Total funding of $180,000/year

Please see the Reservoir Simulation Joint Industry Project page for more information.