Multi-Scale Flow and Transport Modeling of Large-Vug Cretaceous Carbonates

Todd Arbogast (Math), Steven L. Bryant, Jim Jennings (Bureau of Economic Geology), Charlie Kerans (Bureau of Economic Geology)

Funding source: National Science Foundation

Funding period: Sep. 2004 - Aug. 2007

In previous work we developed tools to model and compute flow at the meter scale in rocks containing touching cm-scale vugs. In this project, we will address the questions of 1) solute transport in such systems and 2) the extension of the models to the 1 to 10 meter scale, and then to the 100 meter macro-scale.

We will take advantage of a unique opportunity to construct models that accurately represent the spatial distribution of vugs at multiple length scales and that account for the appropriate physics of flow and transport by combining expertise in laboratory and field measurement, model building, and computation. Our experimental studies will be based on the Pipe Creek Reef outcrop in Central Texas.