A Comprehensive Statistically-Based Method to Interpret Real-Time Flowing Well Measurements

A. Daniel Hill (with Texas A&M), Larry W. Lake, Ding Zhu (with Texas A&M)

Funding amount: $870,000 for the period of Sept. 2003 - Aug. 2006

To produce more oil from more complex and harder-to-reach reservoirs, the nation's producers have begun to employ a variety of sophisticated new drilling approaches - such as wells that extend horizontally through an oil-bearing reservoir, or that radiate out from a central borehole, or that branch in multiple directions.

 This project will develop new methods for measuring the entry of oil, gas and water into these more complex wells. These methods are needed to take full advantage of "smart" well instrumentation, a technology that is rapidly evolving. "Smart" wells employ a variety of downhole sensors to send information from the bottom of the hole rapidly to operators on the surface, enabling them to adjust drilling and production to optimize a well's performance. See the proposal abstract for more information.