CO2 Stimulation of Oil Shale

Matt Balhoff, Kishore Mohanty

The invention of putting 10-25 transverse vertical fractures on long horizontal wells has made it possible to produce shale oil by primary recovery. The ultimate recovery by primary production, however, is low, between 5-10%. Improved recovery methods (e.g., CO2 flooding) must be developed for this huge resource.

Current commercial simulators are not capable of representing the multiphase and multicontact miscible flow accurately through these multi-fracture horizontal wells. The goal of this work is to develop improved stimulation techniques and evaluate different improved recovery options for oil shale reservoirs like Bakken Shale. The outcome of this work will be a new understanding of flow in shale reservoirs and the development of optimal field strategies for recovery of this important resource.

Postdoc: Dr. Cheng Chen
MS student: Daniel Sanchez-Rivera


  • Cheng, C., Balhoff, M.T., Mohanty, K., “Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Improved Shale Oil Recovery by CO2 Huff-n-Puff,” SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering-Reservoir Engineering, in press.


CO2 Stimulation of Oil Shale