Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (ECBM)

Quoc P. Nguyen

Nitrogen and CO2 ECBM appears to be among significant recent developments in enhanced hydrocarbon recovery. However, this technology is still under development due to major challenges faced at both field and laboratory levels.

 Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (ECBM)Laboratory investigation suffers from swelling of coal samples during CO2 injection that challenges the characterization of coupled processes of CO2 absorption and CH4 desorption. In the field, the magnitude of the coal-bed methane and CO2 sequestration potential critically depends on assumptions with respect to the availability of suitable coal seams and the extent to which CO2 may replace coal-bed methane. This project is aimed at a better understanding of these aspects, thus providing a better guideline for the process design and operation at the field level. It is mainly focused on the characterization of the gas sorption processes under non-equilibrium conditions, the effect of water saturation and wettability change on productivity and quality of produced methane, and simulation of ECBM using more sophisticated geological models.