Conformance Control Using Microgels

Conformance control methods using polymer gel treatments have been widely used to reduce water production as well as improve sweep efficiency. Conformance control strategies include

  • Bulk gels as a near wellbore treatment where high concentration of polymer and a cross linker is injected to form strong gels
  • Colloidal dispersion gel (CDG) where polymer gels with colloidal dimensions are dispersed in water. Small concentration of polymer is injected with a cross linker such as aluminum citrate to form gel in situ or in some cases inject preformed CDGs
  • Preformed particle gel (PPG) where mm-sized preformed gels are injected in the porous media and in the presence of water the PPG grains swell and provide the permeability reduction

The current version of UTCHEM has several polymer/crosslinker kinetics for bulk gel for near wellbore and in depth treatments. In this project, we are extending this capability to model in situ or preformed CDG and preformed particle gel (PPG) propagation in porous media.