Focused Magnetic Heating Using Nanoparticles for Flow Assurance Applications

In this project, we utilize the concept of hyperthermia, which is the practice of using paramagnetic nanoparticles and magnetic field application for a highly localized and focused delivery of heat, e.g., to destroy diseased human cells by burning, in medicine.

By imbedding the paramagnetic nanoparticles in the inner lining of (i) the subsea pipelines that transport produced oil (and gas) and (ii) the oil production facilities, and by applying the magnetic field oscillation, a thin layer of the flowing oil (or other fluids) at the vicinity of the pipe's inner wall is heated. The formation of hydrate layer or the wax deposition could therefore be prevented, by efficient and convenient delivery of energy. We were able to validate the concept with the laboratory experiments; and the scale-up modeling work and the energy delivery scheme are in progress.


Fluid Temp Chart