Gas EOR Project 1: Use of Nanoparticle-Stabilized Foams to Improve CO2 Flooding Sweep Efficiency

Primary Investigators: Steven Bryant, Chun Huh

The goal of this project is to quantify the conditions for the in-situ generation of CO2 foams with injection of silica nanoparticles whose surface is modified for their aqueous dispersion stability, minimal retention in reservoir rock, and interfacial activity and affinity for CO2; and to characterize the foam's mobility in different reservoir rocks. Nanoparticles of various surface coatings at different particle concentrations will be tested in cores of different lithology, and in the absence and presence of different oils. The foam mobility will be correlated with the microscope measurements of the foam internal structure, the apparent foam viscosity measured with capillary viscometer, and the rock pore structure.