Gas EOR Project 5: Compositionally-Consistent 3-phase Relative Permeability

Primary Investiagors: Mukul Sharma, Gary Pope

The three-phase relative permeability for three immiscible fluid phases has been widely studied. The partial miscibility of the CO2 in the water and oil phases changes not only the fluid saturations but also the interaction of phases with each other and with the rock. Experiments will be conducted to study the differences in the relative permeability characteristics of partially miscible systems (such as CO2-water-oil) and essentially immiscible phases (such as N2-water-oil). It has been shown in the past that the residual oil saturations and the gas / oil relative permeabilities can differ substantially even at the same phase saturations. Experiments will be conducted in both sandstones and carbonates to systematically study these differences and to understand when and why they occur.