CPGE2017 Poster Presentations

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Title Presenter  
Multiscale Pore Network Reconstruction and Flow Modeling of Unconventional Rocks Rui Xu PHD Candidate
Application of Coupled Geomechanics and Reservoir Simulator to Reservoir Development Strategies Chao Gao PHD Candidate
Modeling Lost Circulation and Assessing Enhanced Propagation Resistance by Fracture Sealing Peidong Zhao PHD Candidate
Grain-scale Mechanical Response of Organic Shales to Hydraulic Fracturing Han Jiang PHD Candidate
Chemical Flooding in Low Permeability Carbonate Rocks Pinaki Ghosh PHD Candidate
Complexities in Hydraulically Stimulated Reservoir Volumes Due to the Stress Shadowing Effect Mahdi Haddad Postdoctoral Fellow
Discrete Element Modeling of CO2-Induced Chemomechanical Rock Alteration Zhuang Sun PHD Candidate
Quantification of Fracture Gradient Considering Chemo-Poromechanical Properties in Tuscaloosa Sandstone Hojung Jung PHD Candidate
A Gravity Drainage Method for Measuring Relative Permeability in Sandstone Cores Lauren Churchwell PHD Candidate
New Correlation for the Interfacial Tension of Surfactant-Oil-Water Systems Leonard Chang PHD Candidate
Advanced 2.5-D Micromodels for EOR Investigation Ke Xu PHD Candidate
Modeling Hydraulic Fracture Interference in Layered Formation Using Simplified 3D Displacement Discontinuity Method Tianyu Li PHD Candidate
Experimental Studies on the Reservoir Dynamics of the Invaded Gas as Fracturing Fluids Xiao Luo PHD Candidate
Investigation of Wettability Alteration and Oil Recovery by Use of Low Salinity Water Injection in Micromodels Yujing Du PHD Candidate
Near-Wellbore Orientation of Hydraulic Fractures Initiated from Horizontal Wells Andreas Michael PHD Candidate
A Unified Approach for Modeling of Field Injectivity Tests, Lost Circulaiton, and Near Wellbore Fracture Complexity Yongcun Feng Postdoctoral Fellow
Using Surfactants to Induce Viscosity Driven Crossflow in Oil-Wet Fractured Micromodels Lucas Mejia MS Student
Optimize Real Time Drilling Operation using Improved MSE and CCS Formulations Alex Zhou PHD Candidate
Sand Production Prediction: A Hydro-Mechanical Sand Erosion Model for Capturing Realistic Sanding Process Xiaorong Li PHD Candidate
Numerical Simulation of Carbonate Matrix Acidization Using Adaptive Enriched Galerkin Method with Entropy Residual Stabilization Rencheng Dong PHD Candidate